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Small Groups Help You Win

I just had to write you another note.  I wrote you the first time about twenty-one months ago after I suffered my last relapse and you gave me some great advice and wisdom. At the time, you suggested that I … Continue reading

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A Husband’s Stubborn Heart Changes

          Fred – just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. I’m about halfway through Every Man’s Marriage and learning more than I ever have of God’s actual picture of marriage. I was raised a Christian and married a … Continue reading

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Ignore Oneness At Your Own Peril

         I was recently updating the text and writing an anniversary chapter for Every Man’s Marriage when I was astounded again at how little I understood about leadership in those early years of my marriage. I really believed I was … Continue reading

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Every Man’s Marriage as a Devotional

I read Every Man’s Marriage just before diving into Hero, and I also found it very encouraging. Like Hero, Every Man’s Marriage focused heavily on positively driving a marriage in the forward direction and up toward God. My husband and … Continue reading

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Testimony: Obedience, Leaving and Cleaving

Fred, I wrote you two years ago to share my triumph in this area of sexual sin, and I’m continuing to hold the line on purity, with my heart and eyes.  Great to hear of your son’s testimony!  I personally … Continue reading

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Testimony from Iraq

I am currently in Iraq on a year deployment as an Army Captain and am going home any day now.  I read three of the Every Man’s series which really opened my eyes…Every Man’s Battle, Every Man’s Marriage and Every … Continue reading

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