A Hero is Born

Hi Fred,

When I was in college, I read a review of your book Hero (from a member of the band Downhere) and I knew I had to get it. I went to order it and found it wasn’t released yet, but I could pre-order it! So I did. That means I have an autographed copy, so that’s cool!

I loved that book. It helped me on my journey to purity for sure. I read it multiple times. Now, I am proud to say that I’m a few years into marriage and when I was dating my wife, I was a hero and we waited to have our first kiss at our wedding. I’m proud of that. Not proud because I think I’m so great, but proud because I’m impressed by this in anyone and thankful that I can say it of myself, by God’s grace.

Many battles have been won, but the war is never over, and I’m reading Hero again! I am encouraged by it still.

I wanted to write to say thank you and to ask how things are going. How’s Jasen and Rose? I always loved their stories and contributions to the book. I hope you are thriving in purity as well. I imagine the powers of this world try their best to hit you hard.


Hi, Zach,

Jasen and Rose are doing great. They have two wonderful daughters and then their youngest, a boy. They are very happy and are running with God like always, staying pure and true.

As for me, I’m about to celebrate my 35 wedding anniversary with the most wonderful woman I’ve yet met! Yes, my purity is definitely intact and I count that as one of the kindest things God has ever done for me.

I appreciate your wonderful words, Zach, and I’m proud to call you my brother in Christ. Way to go, and give my regards to your wife!

Fred Stoeker

Awesome! Thanks, Fred, for the reply šŸ™‚

I just finished my re-reading of Hero last night. We have a 15 month old son, and I am excited to go through that book with him someday! Thank you!

As I read the book, I was struck again by how blessed I was in high school to be surrounded by other kids who really did share the high standards I have today, and their example was so important in setting me on the right path.

And have a great anniversary!


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2 Responses to A Hero is Born

  1. Anne says:

    Hi Mr. Stoeker –I just heard you on Focus on the Family. After the program ended, a question popped into my head, because it’s one that’s often forgotten. What happened to your mother? See, she had experienced the heartbreaking reality of sexual unfaithfulness in her marriage. She was abandoned by her husband. I want her and all women in that unwanted situation, at least, to be honored with a full accounting.

    I know radio doesn’t provide much time, and segments go by the wayside; yet, let us know how you have honored her. Abandoned wives do not receive the honor widows do in our culture, even though our pain is double; and the care and provision for them — even within the church — pales in comparison.

    Christ does take up the lead role, and we could not ask for a more tender encounter to heal our hearts; but, as with all injustices, unnamed and silenced, I implore you to speak of her. Let us know what became of her and how God used your life-inHim to bless her.

    Thank you–Anne

    • fredstoeker says:

      Hi, Anne,
      I don’t mean to be dense, but I’m not sure what you are getting at with your question. I can say that Focus on the Family interviewed me and edited the content at their discretion to use my personal life and my personal battle with sexual sin to minister to their listeners. As you know, they have severe time constraints and have a lot to cover in a short period of time, and they have their own goals and their own standards and targets. As for my mother, for the most part, she prefers her privacy, I guess. She did a great job raising the three of us under difficult financial circumstances, and is a very brave woman. She is happily married today. Other than that, I’m not sure what you hope to learn. Thanks for writing, though, and I appreciate it. I hope I didn’t miss something here!

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