The Trap, The Escalation, The Cure

          I just wanted to thank you for your Every Man series.  Your books have completely changed my relationship with God.  I was addicted to pornography for five years.  I first encountered it at a party for my basketball team in high school. They pressured me to look at it on my own, and soon I was trapped.  During my first year of college, I was invited to Campus Crusade, and soon I started going to bible study. I was starting to walk with God more faithfully, but I was still trapped in pornography, and I refused to tell anyone about my struggle.
          Eventually, it escalated to the point where I ended up going to a strip club. During my junior year of college, I was leading Bible study, yet I was looking at porn right after almost every lesson I taught. I finally reached a very dark point in my life last year, and I turned to God for help on this for real, for the first time. He convicted me, and convinced me that I needed to confess everything to my parents and my friends.  I did that, and soon had my friends holding me accountable. I put a program on my computer that sends them a list of any inappropriate sites I go to, and I texted them every time I messed up.  Eventually, I found your book Every Man’s Battle and I discovered that my standards have been far too relaxed when it comes to my eyes and viewing habits. I still mess up every now and then, but I’ve am engaged in the battle and I will be completely free soon.  As I’ve overcome my addiction, I’ve gotten much closer to God.  Now we have a much more personal relationship, and I am a much better bible study leader. God is faithful.

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